HR Hocking Dental surgery are honoured to be a part of a new age of accredited practices who are dedicated to meeting QIP quality standards or patient safety and care.

What is QIP Accreditation?

Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) is a non-for-profit health promotion charity with over twenty years’ experience in accreditation and are committed to training and building service offerings that make a specific difference to the patient’s overall experience and safety. QIP are focused on adding value and enabling a positive environment for all patients. Accreditation ultimately means an organisation or service meets a set of well-defined criteria or standards.

The accreditation of private dental practices like HR Hocking is based on the integration of a set of National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards into the daily practice culture processes and patient safety. These safety standards adapt regulatory requirements passed down by both the State and Federal Governments. One of the main requirements means a practice must demonstrate a set of clear and evidence-based patient benefits when visiting an accredited practice.

Accreditation provides dental practices with the recognition that a practice is devoted to quality care and patient safety, provides patients with confidence, decreases risk, builds a more efficient organisation, and provides quality performance which helps builds patient assurance and trust.

Children’s Dentistry

Over time, our dental needs change and evolve and most evident when we are children. It is at this stage our teeth and jaws grow and develop. How we look after our teeth at this time can have an effect on our oral health for the rest of our lives!

New Patient Offer

We offer NO-GAP checks for our BUPA patients,
Conditions apply*


For adults with overlapping, gapped or misaligned teeth, there may be a clear, teeth straightening solution suitable for you.


Get the treatment you need today and pay overtime with an Openpay Payment Plan at HR Hocking.